NextGenRadio @ Capital Public Radio

“In the Time of COVID-19” is a set of audio and digital stories highlighting the experiences of people whose lives have changed dramatically during the pandemic.

This project was produced in October 2020 in partnership with CapRadio in Sacramento and conducted virtually. Our reporters are students and recent graduates from the greater Sacramento, San Francisco, and Chico area.

Muralist in Chico sees increased demand in the time of COVID-19

By Kimberly Morales

Jedrek Speer uses spray paint and blank walls to bring joy during the coronavirus shutdown.

A glimpse at a modern-day activist

By Sara Nevis

COVID-19 made space for Jordan McGowan to pursue his passion of helping the unhoused community.

COVID-19 recovery as a community effort

By Adriana Morga Oregel

A local pastor reflects on how he and his family recovered from COVID-19 with the support of his church.

Connecting Latinx communities through theatre

By Melissa Franco

Richard Falcon, the founder of a social-justice theatre company, changes his approach to serving the Latinx community because of COVID-19.

Creatively pivoting during a pandemic

By Julian Mendoza

A pair of Chico musicians familiar with big life changes switches up their music business for a socially distanced reality.


Our students reflect on their experience with NextGenRadio.