It was stressful, but I got it done

This week was very challenging but in a good way. By Tuesday I was not sure how I would get through the week. I barely had a chance to eat—and anyone who knows me knows I love to eat—because I would keep working and forget to take a break.

I had a family emergency, and my daughter decided she would not let me get work done. Every time I would start to work, like clockwork, within five minutes she would need my help with homework or just want some attention. I am very military and regardless of what is going on, the job must be done. I think my mentors could sense my anxiety and worry. So they kept encouraging me and helped me get everything done.

My project was about Jordan McGowan, a husband, father, sports coach and teacher, who during the pandemic decided to add to his plate by coming up with the idea of an organization to serve the unhoused community.

I learned a lot from each of the mentors. Brian helped me with my interviewing and narrowed down my audio portion, pointed out what was not essential and would explain why. Patrice worked magic on my audio portion and made it sound so natural because I made my interviewee sound sped up and like a robot. Erica was very encouraging, and I like how she explained why one photo worked over another. Joanne helped me feel at ease with my article since writing is not something I am completely comfortable with, yet. Traci patiently handled all my questions every day. Doug was always encouraging. And Emily would check in to bounce ideas off of me and get my opinion, which I thought was cool. I am a person who still bugs my old college professor and mentor for input and critiques on my work, so all the feedback this week from the NextGenRadio team was awesome because I know I can improve, and just need to know how.

Overall, it was stressful to get everything done in a short period of time but that’s journalism. Especially for me, I am that person who asks a million questions, and that is always easier to do in person. So I learned when I am still uncertain of something, even after asking the question, to ask again.

I also learned to ask for help and not to feel like I have to do everything myself, which is usually the case, but doesn’t have to be. I really appreciated all the encouragement, help and faith everyone had in me. And I am thankful that you guys chose to have me a part of this program. 

Sara Nevis

By Sara Nevis

Sara Nevis is a recent graduate of Sacramento City College, where she received her associate’s degree in journalism, photography, chemistry and interdisciplinary studies (math and science). Now she’s a journalism major at California State University, Sacramento, where she’s the multimedia editor for the State Hornet, the student news site. She has worked as the Express photo editor at Sacramento City College and as a freelance photographer for the Sacramento Bee and the Stockton Record. Her goal is to engage readers visually with video treatments and photographs. She is from Sacramento, Calif., and likes to share the stories of individuals that would normally not have a voice.

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